Build Terrain Data

We transform terabytes of satellite, aerial and UAV/drone imagery into very high precision true 3D terrain data and 2.5D elevation models.

Our Space | Cloud | EarthTM image processing pipeline generates the most detailed and accurate terrain elevation data possible from high resolution imagery, and all at lightning speeds.

Terrain Intelligence

Transform 2D images into Actionable 3D & 4D Terrain Intelligence maps and analytics.

Our smart vision and learning algorithms automatically make sense of 2D imagery and 3D terrain data through space and time.

Automatically detect and recognise objects of interest AND monitor terrain surface changes over time.

Terrain Applications

Support efficient front-end decision making and planning through safe scouting, planning and monitoring of remote projects, in sectors such as energy, mining, construction and environment.

Our solutions are ideal for organizations that operate in remote, hazardous and hostile environments, where health, safety, security and social performance are key concerns.


Leverage our high definition 2.5D digital elevation grids to true 3D terrain elevation points or meshes to map, measure and monitor land surface activities. From updating topographic maps, to quantifying earth-workings for large-scale construction, to monitoring mining and quarrying stock piles and more...

Plan Pipelines

Use our high precision digital terrain data to efficiently plan pipeline, powerline or transport corridors in remote, hazardous environments and over vast distances.

Analyse elevations, gradients and terrain ruggedness to determine the most economical route.

Measure Volumes

Use high precision elevation data to estimate earth working volumes such as mining stockpiles, quarry excavations or calculate cut and fill for large construction projects.

Assess Flood Risk

Use terrain data to model the impact of rising flood water levels. See which areas are most at risk to flash flooding or long term sea-level rise. Inform decisions for flood mitigation measures or avoidance zones.

Select Sites

Assess the lie-of-the-land to aid rapid and efficient site selection. Find the optimum locations for major construction or drilling sites.

Map Drainage

Automatically map the natural watersheds and drainage patterns of the terrain. Model how and where  water, oil leaks or chemical spills will flow into the surrounding environment.

Assess Visual Impact

Use terrain data to model the visual impact of proposed construction projects on their neighbours.

Predict Signal Propagation

Predict the propagation of radio waves over complex terrain, enhanced with natural and man-made obstacle ‘clutter’. Identify signal ‘dead spots’ and plan the efficient deployment of transmitters and receivers to optimise network coverage.

Model Noise Pollution

Model how environmental and industrial noise will propagate through the terrain.

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